This has nothing to do with the Reds, but it’s a great clip that I hadn’t seen before yesterday. We need to sign Steve Hamilton for our bullpen:

3 Responses

  1. Philip

    Do you think Krivsky will try to trade ED E and Dunn for this moron!!

  2. Cary

    Great clip. I had researched Tony Horton recently after seeing how he fell off the face of the baseball earth after putting up some decent numbers. I believe it was on RedsZone or possibly on the Strat-O-Matic forum that I had asked what happened and someone mentioned being at this game in their reply. The sad truth is that Horton had or developed some mental problems and just walked away from the game. With Munson catching, this was either a late 1969 game or from the 1970 season. Memory serves me that it occurred in ’70.