From the Enquirer:

The Reds may soon announce a new long-term television deal with Fox Sports Net which could have a major impact on next year’s player payroll.

Two sources confirmed that FSN and the Reds have agreed to a deal that would increase the number of games shown on FSN from 100 to 145, and increase the rights fees FSN pays the Reds per game.

The new deal would kick in next season. The announcement could come as soon as next week. Major League Baseball still needs to approve the deal.

It is believed the Reds currently get about $5 million a year in rights fees from FSN, or about $50,000 per game.

A source said there will be a “substantial” increase in rights fees under the deal.

When asked about the agreement, Phil Castellini, the club’s senior director of business operations, said, “We’re working on it. We’re not ready to announce anything right now.”

Castellini confirmed that the deal calls for higher rights fees to show games, but declined to offer specifics.

Bob Castellini, the Reds chief executive officer, has said that his ownership group budgets to break even. A bump in revenue could lead to corresponding bump in payroll.

So, the Reds already knew payroll would increase next year. What does this say about one of the reasons for “the trade” being because Kearns and Lopez would be too expensive next year?

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  1. Chad

    Good news: we get to see more Reds games.

    Bad news: more George Grande.

    It’s a wash.