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Has anyone ever really written a definitive history of the Cincinnati Reds? Redleg Journal is awesome, but it’s not really a definitive club history.

With all the tradition surrounding this club, we need a great book detailing the history of this storied franchise.

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  1. GodlyCynic

    It was back in ’93. Rijo was 28.

  2. GodlyCynic

    And while Seaver did it, those stats are only his Reds stats for that year. That was his trade year.

  3. RedsViking

    Just wondering – is there any family relationship between former Red radio man Dick Bray (1937-1943) and Reds newbie Bill Bray?

    Just wondering…

  4. Baseball_Minutia

    Lee Allen’s book The Cincinnati Reds” covers the team up to the late 40’s.

    It was just re-released too.

    It’s a great source.

    FYI Jim Farmer (Site Author) works at the Reds HOF, I met him there last summer.

  5. Baseball_Minutia

    They are, after all, the oldest professional baseball club in HISTORY

    Not really, they were the “First” full club of paid players, but they didn’t play during the NA days and got tossed from the Nl in the early years, both of those throw the title of oldest professional teams into the laps of the Cubs and The Braves.

  6. Chad

    Don’t start quoting facts to me, Brian!