Time for us to take up a new cause around here:

Jerry Narron, Free Edwin Encarnacion!!!

Let the guy get on the field! He’s one of the best prospects this team has brought up in years, he’s hitting the ball, all he needs is experience. Let him play! Quit putting Claystro at shortstop, move Aurilia over, and let our up and coming 3B become the stud he’s destined to be!

There is no excuse for Jerry Narron not to pencil in Encarnacion at third base every single day.

Free Edwin Encarnacion!!!

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  1. Pinski

    Don’t say that Bill. My summer already sucks: studying for the bar, watching the US blow the World Cup, seeing Krivsky make a stupendously awful trade, looking for a job. It would be my death knell if we traded Edwin. Besides what’s he worth, considering the last trade? An A ball prospect???

    Of course that’s not to say that I don’t think it won’t happen, just that it would cause me greivous and bodily harm.

  2. scott

    Long time, first time, as a 15-blog a day Reds fan (therapy, therapy)…

    Dear God, please take away whatever Narron has been eating and drinking…

    First no EE in the lineup…now I’m not an Aurelia “hater” as many are, but what about rewarding both for their good play…EE at 3rd and RA gives Phillips a couple of days off at 2nd…he’s really scufflin’ at present…

    GGrande(in bottom of 6th)”Coffey is warming up in pen”…I’m THRILLED!!!…now that’s the way to start using a deep bullpen…we’ve just scored twice, now let Coffey keep it there and we’ll win a big opener…

    Wait, Milton is starting the 7th…well, okay it’s the 7/8/9 hitters, I’m sure if someone gets on…Nady singles…well, good job Eric, you were pretty good tonite, let’s have Java-man come take over…hmm, staying in…now a bunt hit, now a sacrifice…

    Great job Milty, big out on Reyes…okay, he’s officially gassed…didn’t look good at all in that AB against LoDuca…come on and get him with Coffey or Bray (keeping Beltran a righty if Bray comes in)…

    WHOA…WTF???…(followed by many, many expletives and teeth knashing 2 pitches later)…

    Look Kearns was my favorite Red and Lopez played at the same HS as my step-son who also played at Lake Brantley so the trade was hard on me…but I’ve bought in to Krivsky and his desire to get in the 1st punch with the trade and to DO SOMETHING to avoid the bullpen simply destroying our season…

    But maybe a memo is in order: Hey Jerry, White, Hammonds, Burns, Yan they are all gone…you (allegedly) have guys who can get it done out there…Milton did his job, NOW DO YOURS…go out there and take the ball from him and give it to a guy who can get a meaningful out in a meaningful game…

    This was a game we did not have to lose…I’m not a Narron-basher (maybe since I’m a HS basketball coach, I have a bit of empathy for the task he has) and I think he’s done a decent job juggling an interesting roster…but last night was HORRIFIC…

    Thanks for letting me regain my sanity with this long-winded post…back to my normal lurking 🙂

  3. Chad

    I agree, Scott. Don’t go back to lurking. Keep posting.

    You said what many of us are feeling.

  4. Yossarian

    Can we get t-shirts, bumper stickers, hats, etc. made?

  5. Gage

    Mark says EE is out again tonight. Blah.

  6. IrishJoe

    Ed E is on the bench again tonight according to Lancaster, Freel starting in RF and leading off

  7. IrishJoe

    What am I missing here? Aurilia has played a lot of shortstop in his career, give him a day there and let EE play third. Phillips is slumping hard right now, give him a day off and play Aurilia there. Rich is hot now, I’m not advocating sitting him, but there are obvious ways to get both Rich and EE on the field.

  8. Bryan




  9. junior

    y cant RA go to 1b, EE 3b, Phillips 2b, Castro/Clayton SS; duh jerry 👿

  10. junior

    RA 1b, EE 3b, BP 2b, castro/clayton SS; DUH JERRY 🙁 👿

  11. NeverFnshStrong

    I really like this Edwin guy,does this mean he’s gonna be traded for a reliever with a era over 6, more hits than strikes ??