From the Enquirer:

Left-hander Brandon Claussen was scratched from his rehab start with Triple-A Louisville Monday.

It had nothing to do with the shoulder injury that put him on the disabled list.

Claussen woke up with a sore back. He is scheduled to try again Wednesday.

This does, however, make it very unlikely that Claussen will start Saturday against Milwaukee.

Peachy, just peachy….Joe Mays gets another start.

8 Responses

  1. IrishJoe

    That’s just awesome. I’m going to Cincy this weekend from 5 hours away to see my one Reds home game of the year, and I get Joe Mays. Beautiful. Guess I’d better start praying for a 10-9 Reds win, or something along those lines.

  2. IrishJoe

    If they ax Mays when Ross is activated, who’s the 5th starter, especially with Belisle on the DL? Seems like we would need to call up a pitcher if they want to get rid of Mays.

  3. IrishJoe

    Althought I just checked the probable pitchers on, Dave Bush is listed for the Brewers on Sat., but for the Reds it says TBD. Hopefully something will change before Saturday, I’d much rather see a call-up get a chance than have Joe Mays go out and do what he does best.

  4. Mark T

    If you are sitting in the outfield seats on Saturday, bring your glove.

  5. IrishJoe

    I hope you’re right daedalus, my seats for Saturday’s game are down the 3rd base line, I don’t want to get whiplash watching homerun balls fly past me (unless of course the Reds are hitting them).

  6. Philip

    I say we trade Narron for a sack of crap, throw it in the dugout, and it would be better at making out a line-up than him. Oh yeah, I was trying to figure out who should pitch Saturday.
    Okay, trade narron for crap…then pitch Jose Canseco for all I care, but not JOE MAYS!!!!

  7. Glenn

    I admire K for what he’s thus far as the Reds GM. However, (the dreaded “however,”) I’m concerned that K will sometimes keep a player around because of their past relationship. Mays is my case in point. Joe Mays has got nothing left. He’s taking up a roster spot best left to a more competetive player.
    In my mind, starting a game with Mays on the mound is worst than throwing a game away. Mays will get shelled early and the bullpen will get used up in a game that is already gone.

  8. Glenn

    It looks like you might be in luck IrishJoe. Fay is reporting that Narron is considering skipping Mays this turn around. Yee Hah!