I noted it in the game thread, but it appears that Brian Shackelford won’t be charged with anything after all, in the wake of that recent incident in Milwaukee.

A quick note from my day job: before arresting anyone on charges like these (which carry a stigma with them, regardless of whether the accused is ultimately found guilty), my office always tries to be 100% positive that the evidence is there, and that we’re going to prosecute. Taking the step of arresting the suspect does damage to a person’s reputation that should be avoided unless you’re going to follow through — especially with allegations of a sexual nature.

Of course, we don’t know all the facts in the Shackelford case, and there are always other factors. In some cases, the police will arrest, then the prosecutors come behind them, look at the case, and advise that there isn’t enough evidence to prosecute.

2 Responses

  1. oknative

    As I wrote earlier, I said Brian didn’t assault anyone. It truly is not his nature at all. He is a very laid back guy. In the 16 years that I have known him I have seen him mad just a handful of times. He really is a good guy, he just needs to not meet up with women he doesn’t know and invite them to his room. People will do anything to get a few bucks from someone else. I’m happy for you Brian and I hope for only great things to come your way.

  2. Manda

    I completely agree with you oknative, that is not like brian at all. He will grow up eventually though(lets hope). I know he’s been having a rough time the last few years with everything thats happened.
    from one mcalesterian to another Wishing you the best Brian,