Well, it’s been an interesting week, hasn’t it? Use this thread to discuss whatever you want. There are some interesting games on the schedule that have a bearing on the Reds (division and wild card), so feel free to discuss them here.

Shawn has an interesting post that might stimulate some discussion, as well; he lists some tweaks he’d like to see the Reds make at this point. Getting rid of Mays would be a good first start.

Also, take a look at another superb post by Brian at Baseball Minutia about “The Power of Tradition.”

So, what’s on your mind? Now that it’s obvious the trade won’t be rescinded, what should the Reds do to improve between now and the end of July? What rumors are out there? Who is available, and who would you like to see the Reds seek?

Someone mentioned John Smoltz in last night’s game thread; what do you think?

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  1. Brian

    Would it be too much to ask Edwin to move to second and put Freel/Aurilia at third (with Phillips at short)? Playing second would ideally give Encarnacion more room for error on his throws? All of this would be for the 2007 season, of course.

  2. GodlyCynic

    Don’t hit people with the bat! Think about the market value!

  3. Chad

    Well-hit homer for Felipe Lopez just now.

  4. Blue

    I’m not sure who to go after, but I think this team needs someone to slot in behind Arroyo and Harang in the rotation. Garcia and Vazquez are available from the White Sox, but I’m not sure they’d be a real solution. In fact, I don’t really like Garcia at all, and Vazquez has really fallen off since the beginning of June.

  5. Brian

    In regards to pitching help, wouldn’t a guy who’s had success in the AL be an improvement right now? Look at Bronson, average in Boston, pretty solid in Cincy. It’s early, but Guardado is another example. I’m not saying to just get anybody from the AL, but if a guy is decent in the AL, then he would likely improve in the NL. Let’s see how Jeff Weaver’s start goes tonight.

  6. hammer1

    Weaver getting rocked around tonight. 6-0 Braves

  7. GodlyCynic

    There don’t seem to be too many even average starters in the AL on the market as too many teams still think they are on it. Jake Westbrook is a given. Kris Benson is out there (but that’s too scary for words). If Texas or Toronto falls back, I’d bet Vincente Padilla and Ted Lilly would hit the market as they are potential free agents.

  8. Boston Redleg

    Wayne was on Jim Rome today (can’t stand rome, but unfortunatlly I’m up in Portland, ME and that’s the only sports talk in town)… Wondering if anybody else caught it.
    Basically he said he might have overpaid for middle relief, but he would still make the trade and although he might have overpaid (“time will tell” etc.) he feels it still really improved the team.
    did anybody else catch it, I only heard the second half.

  9. Boston Redleg

    I would shutter to think ted lilly would come here. That’s really scary. Unless lilly plays the red sox every night (who can’t hit him to save their lives) he’s not at all a good pitcher.
    I would have no problem with kris benson as long as it meant I could run into anna benson around cincinnati.

  10. Chad

    I didn’t catch it, but it sounds like what he’s been saying in other interviews that I’ve heard.

  11. Chad

    By the way, Lopez’s two errors tonight were pretty easy plays.

    But I’m still against the trade.

  12. Chad

    Yep, I’ve given up on Lopez. Not.

    Actually, now that he’s not a Red, I don’t care how many errors he makes. He did crush that homer tonight, though. I don’t expect to see Clayton do that this weekend.

  13. al

    buster olney has an opinion of the trade on espn.com insider that seems like it might be not too terrible. anyone with insider care to summarize?

    as for what else we need, i think a#1 is better managment. i’m sick to death of rich starting over ede. i’m sick to death of rich hitting 4th, etc. i think we could use another starter, but claussen was brilliant last fall, and i’m not above believing that paul wilson could give us league average innings since he mostly got people out with savy rather than stuff.

    if the roster is managed well (or at least better) and claussen/wilson/belisle can be decent in the 5th slot, i think we’re ready to win some games down the stretch.

    and you heard it here first, griffey is going to hit a lot in the next month+, just a feeling.