Did anyone else notice that the Enquirer didn’t even mention Majestic Majewski’s performance last night that nearly blew the game? Is anyone else sick of Cincinnati media being apologists for the team?


Conspiracy theory, from Shawn:

If I were a guy who looked for gunmen on the grassy knoll and such, I would wonder about the timing of the recent big trade. Did you realize that all the members of the Reds’ usual media squad are off this week, taking a long vacation to coincide with the All-Star break? Marty Brennaman is taking this series off, although he will be at the Reds Hall of Fame festivities on Sunday. Beat writers John Fay, Marc Lancaster and Hal McCoy are all taking this time off, so we haven’t even read their views on the deal, just those of columnists like Lonnie Wheeler and the second-string guys like Kevin McFarland. Those guys aren’t even around the team as much as us bloggers are, normally.

What we are being told is that the price for two relievers who throw in the 90s and have some idea where the ball is going, and have at least some big league track record, is two regulars, although that also gets you some extra frills. It’s hard to believe the price for good bullpen help is so high.

It is times like this that the blogger community is especially valuable to the fan. The regular media guys have to talk to the people around the team every day, stay on their good side, and write nice things about them for the most part. A blogger, an outsider by definition, can just state an opinion. I don’t have to care whether Juan Castro, Jerry Narron, or Wayne Krivsky likes me or not. No, I am not calling for Krivsky to be fired as some hotter heads have done. Krivsky has more cache’ with me than that, for his success in the past few months. I’d like to see some results first.

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  1. Mark T

    I love conspiracy theories, as people really do conspire, especially people in power. But not here –

    I know you don’t like the tade, but you have to remember the team was tanking, that that the team had not produced a winning season in five years …

    Majewski – time will tell.

  2. Chad

    Yeah, I don’t remember Marty taking much time off.

  3. Jake

    How dare Justin criticize the constant complaining on this site? It’s almost like he is doing the same thing that everyone else is doing about the Reds’ front office.

    I’m with Justin. The trade is done…turn the page and move on. This team has won four in a row…and without Kearns or Lopez. Most of you thought that wasn’t even possible.

  4. RagTag

    You missed the point, Jake. Justin’s trying to stifle discussion by telling everyone just to shut up. If we can’t discuss the issues surrounding the Reds — and yes, argue about them sometimes, because all Reds fans aren’t always going to agree — then this site serves no purpose.

    Might as well shut it down and just listen to whatever drivel is shoved down our mouths by the Enquirer.

    If he doesn’t want to hear discussion of the trade, he can go elsewhere. But if we want to talk about the trade, why shouldn’t we be able to.

    I’ll tell you one thing: you haven’t heard any of the anti-trade types say, “Quit talking about it!” It’s only the people that are trying to justify the trade — and are having a hard time doing that — that don’t want to talk about it anymore.

    If you’re for the trade, great! That’s what makes the world go around. But defend your position with facts and analysis; don’t just try to get the other side to just shut up.

  5. RagTag

    And, by the way, you’re doing the same thing by telling people to “turn the page and move on.”

    This site is for discussion of Reds-related topics, as far as I’ve been able to determine. You’re not a moderator, and I’m not sure why you think you have the right to tell people to quit discussing something.

    If the best argument the pro-trade side has is “let’s move on to something else,” then it’s pretty obvious that the anti-trade group has won the argument.

  6. Randy

    What I’m tired of is the constant complaining anytime someone criticizes a move the Reds make.

    We’re all Reds fans here, but we all have different ideas about what moves the Reds should make. If some people disagree with something Krivsky does, it doesn’t make him/her any less of a Reds fan.

    I’m starting to join the pro-trade camp, by the way, but I like the discussion. It’s what makes this site great. I like hearing the arguments of both sides and making up my mind.

    I wish there were more civility on both sides, though, for whatever that’s worth. The pro-trade camp wants people to shut up about it and not suggest that Krivsky may have (gasp) made a mistake, and the anti-trade camp is awfully condescending and smug sometimes.

    Maybe we all need to realize that we’re all Reds fans. We all want the team to win, don’t we?

    Okay, I’ve preached enough.

  7. Cary

    Speaking of moderators, I posted to this topic and it did not show up. I was wondering if something went wrong that it didn’t post or if someone decided they didn’t like what I said. If the latter, I’d like to know what it was that caused that action.

  8. Glenn

    Maybe we should have the water fountains out in the bullpen checked for lead. Every pitcher who spends anytime out there pitches like he just caught a bad case of stupid.

  9. Philip

    Maybe we should have Jerry Narron checked into a psyche ward. I don’t care what flaws e have, which each team does, we have won in spite of him and his every day change of the line-up, crappy subbing, and just pure stupidity and dislike of certain players.
    I wish “Sweet Lou” would have taken our managerial job!!

  10. Philip

    Speaking of new ideas, someon eshared with me that they heard the Pirates may shop Casey and we might be suitors…any truth?

  11. Philip

    What in the world would we give up?

    Though the person told me the sports guy said Pirates were going to basically eat his salary. I guess he’s as good as Hatteberg, and it might bring back a good guy that people like.
    Maybe Krivsky trying to get some “browny” pointw with fans he ticked off???
    Who knows, may just be a load of crap out of the Steel City, they have plenty of crap to unload.