Daugherty in today’s Enquirer:

What’s required here isn’t Mantovani in the elevator. It’s Eddie Vedder in the living room. To keep the Reds relevant through Labor Day, Midas has to make big noise. He has to think big and act bigger. Tweaking the roster isn’t good enough. Krivsky was the Reds’ first-half MVP. If they’re going to stay relevant through Labor Day, he needs a repeat performance in the second half.

That involves moving Adam Dunn, Felipe Lopez or Austin Kearns, for a pitcher (or two) who can get someone out between the sixth and ninth innings. Can the Reds make it to October with Dunn on the roster? Maybe. I’d take my chances without him, if it meant returning competence to the bullpen.

He goes on to say concerning Dunn:

Look at it this way: Dunn’s going to make $10 million next year. The small-money Reds say they can afford him. So the question becomes: Should they?

Do the Reds really want to dole out a large chunk of their treasury to a designated home run hitter, when hitting home runs is not an issue with them? Shouldn’t they spend the $10 million on pitching?

And if they’re going to be looking to trade Dunn in the offseason, why not deal him now? Pennant fever isn’t exactly making people delirious here today. But a mega-deal for bullpen help could get Reds fans groping for the aspirin bottle again.

He gets off of Dunn, to talk about other possible personnel to be moved:

Deal Lopez, move Phillips’ range and glove to shortstop, give Ryan Freel a home at second base and let’s go. Trading Kearns might prompt the most remorse, but nobody gets something for nothing. Regardless, the current Reds relievers need to be relieved. Teams that win and lose 9-8 are one place in the fall, and that’s at home.

He then admits that he has no idea who is available, etc; just that Krivsky should do something “bigger”:

Who’s available? Beats me. Who’d be a willing trade partner? Joe Torre says the Yankees need a hitter more than a pitcher. Minus Hideki Matsui and Gary Sheffield, it’s hard to argue. The Dodgers could use some pop. So could the Tigers. Finding a match isn’t my job. As a know-it-all columnist, my job is to tell Krivsky to get it Dunn.

No more tweaks. No more Yans or Joe (Oh No) Mayses. One Guardado is enough. No more trolling for the next Brandon Phillips. Time to cast for big fish.

Then he makes this comment which makes me wonder if he watches the Reds or has heard about a pitcher named Ramirez:

They have a powerful and versatile everyday lineup. They have two starting pitchers who will keep them close. They have a third, Eric Milton, who has been walking the same line, precariously. Three solid starters is enough, if the bullpen works.

And in conclusion:

Let’s not hear the phrase “building for the future.” Not now. Now is for thinking big, then bigger. Take a hack, Midas. Nobody will blame you if you swing and miss. At the moment, it’s the swing that matters.

Sounds to me like all he’s interested in is a trade so he has something to write about. I’m all for making a deal that makes sense, trading Dunn, Kearns, Lopez, Encarnacion, etc (the young talent on this team) makes no sense if it only benefits this team this year.