Time to announce the winner of the first Redleg Nation 1975 World Series DVD Giveaway. As you will recall, we held a caption contest to pick the winner of the first DVD. Be watching for two more opportunities to win one of these great DVD box sets right here at Redleg Nation.

As a reminder, here’s the picture we used for the Caption Contest:

The winner of the first DVD boxed set is…..

DevilsAdvocate, for this sterling entry:

On a cool day, players like to huddle around the Latin Love Machine for warmth.

Comment by DevilsAdvocate

DA, I’ll be contacting you via email to get your address so I can ship out your DVD boxed set.

There were lots of great entries, and we had a difficult time picking the winner. Here are a few Honorable Mention entries that win nothing but our adoration:

Something stinks around here and I can’t breath. I think it’s Lopez. He keeps passing gas.

Comment by Scott R

Candlesticks. Candlesticks make a nice wedding present.

Comment by Jay

How many Reds does it take to change a light bulb?

Comment by DAL

Whoa!!! Did you guys see what Aurilla’s wife is wearing today?

Comment by Jim McCullough

Trying to see how good Aaron Harang really is, Reds pitching coach Tom Hume opts to field a team of third stringers behind his ace.

Comment by daedalus

Again, stay tuned for Part Two of the DVD giveway, to be announced in a couple of days. (And yes, I know it took longer to announce the winner than I had planned. I went out of town unexpectedly, and had little internet access.)