The Reds are offering outfielder Austin Kearns for pitching in hopes of repeating the Wily Mo Pena trade that put GM Wayne Krivsky on the map. Krivsky would be wise to try to resurrect the Kearns-for-Jake Westbrook deal that was discussed earlier this season, though that may be difficult because Westbrook’s value has continued to rise while Kearns’ has not. Krivsky might have no choice but to try to dangle Adam Dunn, perhaps as a DH to an AL team, to get what he needs.

I wasn’t going to post this because anyone that is on the Reds Listserv knows how I feel about the mere mention of trading Adam Dunn, but this other note made this a “must post” (and also showed how old I feel):

In Zito-related news, it was a big week for Alyssa Milano’s former boyfriends. Zito made himself some money by changing agents while Brad Penny was named Phil Garner’s surprise NL starter. Meanwhile, another of Milano’s ex-boyfriends, Pavano, remains sidelined after elbow surgery.

I know she’s hot and all that, but in my head, she’s still that little girl on “Who’s the Boss?”.