From the Enquirer’s website:

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Brian Shackelford was arrested early Thursday on suspicion of third-degree sexual assault.

The 29-year-old player was arrested shortly after midnight at Miller Park, where the Reds played the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday night, police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said

“It’s an ongoing criminal investigation,” she said, without giving further details.

Sgt. Michael Damian said Shackelford was still jailed Thursday morning.

No other details were provided.

9 Responses

  1. al

    so he raped someone? good lord, get him the f off the team. i hope it’s not true for everyone’s sake, buti doubt the cops would arrest him without some clear evidence, and he at least needs to be gone until it gets resolved.

  2. IrishJoe

    I hope the Reds do the right thing and sit him down until this is cleared up one way or the other. The way the Phillies let Myers go out and play after beating the crap out of his wife was ridiculous.

  3. al

    people on marc’s blog have mentioned that the reds might not be able to do anything to him because of the union’s due process rules. If this is true, it’s total crap.

    There is no way that he should pitch with rape charges hanging over his head, and the reds shouldn’t have to play a man down because of him. If they can write berevement rules into the CBA, they can include a way to get people off the roster when they’re awaiting trial if the club wants to.

    in my experience it’s been pretty easy not to get arrested, and for minor things like freel’s fight it gets resolved in a matter of days and wouldn’t really hurt the player much.

  4. al

    it happened the night before is what i’ve read. he got arrested at the stadium right after the game, which means i guess they were waiting for him.

  5. Jim McCullough

    That makes a lot more sense.

    So what is Shackelford’s marital status?

  6. Cary

    That explains the shot of Narron talking to him in the dugout after the game. It was very odd because it was right after Standridge had blown it and it made no sense for Narron to be talking to Brian right then.

  7. Glenn

    Maybe the conversation went something like this. “Brian, there’s a couple of men carrying steel bracelets waiting for you in the lockeroom. Make sure you don’t leave the clubhouse in that uniform. Oh no…don’t worry, they’ve got an orange jumpsuit waiting for you.”