Per Lancaster.  This is the right decision.  Further credit to Krivsky for recognizing the better player, and making this move as soon as Wise was ready.  Apparently he’s serious about wanting Denorfia to get his ABs.

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  1. Blue

    I’ll hazard a guess that if Krivsky isn’t able to make a move to improve the pitching in the next ten days, the moves will go like this: Elizardo Ramirez comes back on Saturday and Joe Mays is released. That would give the Reds another week to figure something out, as they have an off day the first Monday back and can just use 4 starting pitchers.

  2. al

    denorfia has to be considered a b or b+ prospect at this point, having proven that he’s capable of producing and being consistent at every level.

    i have to think that either he’ll be traded for a reliever or brought up to replace someone else who’s been traded, since it’s stupid not to be getting anything at the major league level from a player like that.

  3. al

    i hope that isn’t the move, i trust joe mays’s stuff out of the pen a lot more than weathers and probably more than yan. i don’t know why he’d be the first to go.

  4. Blue

    I agree with you on Mays being better than Weathers out of the pen. I guess what I was trying to get at is we’ll be dumping a pitcher and Mays will no longer be in the rotation after the all-star break.

  5. al

    he looked pretty solid out of the pen and in his start against NY. low 90s with good sink.

  6. Jim McCullough

    Mays’ future is on the line tonight. He had better give the Reds a quality start tonight or adios amigo.

  7. Jim McCullough

    Regardless of what happens this season, Denorfia is a regular outfielder next year. Either somebody gets traded or Dunn learns how to play 1B in the instructional league.