Krivsky’s old Minneapolis buddy Eddie Guardado has been acquired (along with cash to defray his $6.5M contract) for Travis Chick.

Guardado, age 35, has a 5.48 ERA, 1.74 WHIP in 23 IP this year (22K, 11 BB).  He lost the closer’s role, and has been setting up for some dude named Putz.

Chick, 21, came over with Germano in the Randa deal.  He had a  4.61 ERA for Chattanooga. 

I’ll have to take a closer look at Guardado, to see if it looks like he’s done.  The K- and BB-rates are still solid, so there’s hope.  At least this is something, right?  Things couldn’t keep going the way they have been.

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  1. Scott

    Nice to see a front office that’s not afraid to make changes as required. This move won’t win the division, but it certainly can’t hurt. Chick’s a marginal prospect, at best, and I don’t think Rafael Soriano or Joel Zumaya are going to come available any time soon.

  2. Jim McCullough

    I can’t say this move is going to be a big help. His last ten appearances don’t look like anything to write home about.

    Eddie Guardado

  3. GodlyCynic

    This has the potential to be a solid pick-up if a change of scenery does Guardado any good. It certainly couldn’t make the bullpen any worse. I’m shocked though that no one has mentioned that Guardado qualifies as a “Krivsky guy.”

  4. Abner

    I’m not so sure about Guardado. Being in Portland, OR, I listen to the Seattle games and that guy has had a propensity to give up the long ball this year – and thats been in Safeco Field. Lost his closers role and been primarily used as a situaltion left hander and is shakey at best. Sure its a change of scenery, but GABP may not be the best scene for this guy.

    If this is a start to some serious changes, that’s great, but IMHO it is not even close to a solution.

  5. al

    there seems to be good and bad to this deal. The good is that after a disasterous april (8.31 ERA, 10/7 k/bb 2.30 whip) he’s rebounded to respectability through may, june, and july (3.77 ERA, 12/4 k/bb 1.4 whip).

    the bad is that as abner pointed out, he’s a fairly severe flyball pitcher moving to a bad flyball park. His career g/f is around .55 and he’s already given up 8 HR this year at a rate of 3.13/9.

    i think this was partly motivated by the shack situation, and in that light i’m greatful. I didn’t want to have bo a man down, but certainly didn’t want shack to pitch. So this gives us a nice way to shove him out the back door.

    Hopefully the change of leagues will offset the Gabp effect to some degree and we can hope for more of his last couple months as opposed to april.

  6. al

    whoa, more news from marc’s blog. they’ve already optioned shack down and called up gossling to take his place. A move will be made tomorrow to make room for guardado.

    i guess the most likely scenario would be that gossling goes back and it’s just a one day move so we’re not short handed, but it at least leaves the possibility of us dumping someone else tomorrow.

    Gossling is 4 – 4 with a 4.15 ERA over 65 IP at AAA this year. He’s got 50 k’s and a 1.51 whip and has given up 6 HRs.