…I’m turning off the television. If I’m in the stadium, I’m going to get a coney. I’m not going to watch him any more. Life is too short to watch that mess.

Oh wait, did I say Danny Graves? I meant to say “David Weathers.” You can see how I could have made that mistake.

Weathers needs to be DFA’d now. Wayne Krivsky needs to send him to the scrap heap immediately. He can pick one of our regular game thread commenters to replace Weathers in the bullpen; any of you guys would be better than Weathers at this point.

This team will not make the playoffs if David Weathers continues to pitch in close games. The fact that Jerry Narron didn’t realize that fact weeks ago makes me wonder whether he’s the right manager for this team.

DFA Weathers NOW!

6 Responses

  1. Ash

    I sat, and baked, in 93 degree heat for four hours today only to see David Weathers come in and serve up a two-run shot to Aaron Boone of all people.
    Someone needs to explain to Narron that this is what Weathers does – he gives up runs. Every. Time. He. Pitches. And while they’re at it, someone please inform him that Quinton McGroundout has no place on a Major League baseball team. (No, I really don’t care that he has had two hits in his last two at-bats.)

  2. IrishJoe

    It’s bad enough that Weathers is still on this team. The fact that he continues to get work in close games rather than being relegated to nothing other than mop-up duty is unconsionable. Krivsky and Narron need to earn their extensions by showing that they can see that this clown is killing this team and doing something about it.

  3. Mark T

    WHo you gonna replace Weaathers with? I hear Graves is available. That’s about all that’s available.

  4. Glenn

    Its true there not alot of quality relief pitchers available right now. However, the Reds are kidding and killing themselves by holding on to Weathers, thinking that he’ll somehow solve his problems. It ain’t gonna happen.
    I don’t think that Homer Bailey is going to end up spending his career as a relief pitcher, but he could start it there. The same is true with Phil Drumait (sp). Bring those two up. If they mess up, could it be any worse than what’s already happening?
    DFA Weathers now. Release Yan. I’d be shocked if you ever saw those two in a big league uniform again.

  5. Glenn

    BTW Chad, the only thing I dissagee with you on is your take on Narron’s continually calling on Weathers. That’s Krivsky’s fault. The general manager needs to put some quality pitchers out there for Narron to call on. Eventually, he has to, or both he and Narron will be looking for new jobs, because this cannot continue to happen.

  6. GodlyCynic

    While I’m not confident in Narron’s ability to manage his bullpen, this is simply far past being his fault. I know people don’t want Weathers put out there in close games, but who else are you going to put out there? Mercker? Belisle? Shackleford? None of these guys are consistent. And while Coffey looked sterling earlier, his ERA just keeps going up as the closer and he hasn’t shown that he knows how to truly dominate the 9th inning of a game.