From today’s Enquirer:

“That was my main reason to get out of the AL,” Mays said, “because I’ve seen these guys too many times.”

So, isn’t he basically saying he doesn’t have the “stuff” to get major league hitters out, once they’ve seen him “too many times”?

I’d DFA him this morning on this quote alone.

2 Responses

  1. Tom

    Forget Mays as a starter – use him in middle relief. If that doesn’t work out, goodbye!

  2. Blue

    I’m with Tom. Weathers has already fallen through the thin ice he was on. Seems like they’re just waiting on him to sink to the bottom. Hopefully its not a very deep pond. Give Mays a shot a middle/long relief, where he has looked pretty good, and if he can do it, keep him, if not, DFA him too. He can’t be much worse than Stormy.