Bronson was the only Red named to the NL All-Star team. Since (IIRC) he’ll be starting next Sunday, look for a Red-free game, unless Junior, Phillips, or Harang is added to fill an injury spot. The roster is Full of Mets.

Lancaster endorsed Phillips, which I understand, but Uggla’s been playing all season. Freddy Sanchez made it as the last infield sub. While he’s having a nice season, I thought it was a little silly that the Pirates had more representatives than the Reds, until I remembered they were the hosts.

In any event, the rosters don’t bear much relation to the standings. The first-place Reds, A’s, and Padres have one rep each, while scrubs Atlanta (3), Pittsburgh (2), Philadelphia (2) and Miami (2) did better. Twelve of the NL’s 19 position players come from teams with losing records (only the Mets, Pujols, Rolen, and Holliday represent teams over .500). Five of the 11 pitchers are from losing teams.

For some reason, Garner took 15 of his 31 players from the five-team NL East, (including the 6 starters).

I’m not sure this is the way to disprove the “NL is inferior” storyline.

6 Responses

  1. Mark T

    I would have taken Harang if I had to take just one.

  2. Ken

    Uggla has only 25 more PAs than Brandon, so I don’t think he goes simply because he played more. Brandon’s OPS is thirty-some points lower, but 1) his OBP is slightly higher (which is more important than SLG; also Brandon’s AVG is higher), 2) he’s infinitely better on the basepaths (16 SBs, 0 caught!; 4/2 for Uggla. If the NL needs a PR late in the game, who would you rather have?), and 3) he plays better defense (3.3 runs saved so far this year, versus 0.9 for Uggla). With Cabrerra already going they didn’t need another Marlin – Brandon should be going instead as the better player from the better team who is more likely to help the NL win.

  3. Chad

    I would have liked to have seen Harang make the team. If I have time, I’ll compare Aaron’s numbers to the NL pitchers that were selected.

  4. Philip

    Phil Garner is a chode. He sucks.
    The Pirates and marlins with 2 guys a piece. What a load of crap. No BP and no Junior. i would rather them pick Dunn for his home run power than some of these other idiots. I can’t believe I am saying this….I hope the American League blows them out…and a foul ball hits Garner in the face.

  5. ohiobobcat

    Much ado about nothing, sadly. I don’t think the game has retained its luster since the advent of interleague play. The players seem to be going through the motions nowadays, when it seemed to be more of a game..*nd less of an days of old. I might catch a few innings, but it would be far more enjoyable to pop in game 4 of the 90 Series.

  6. Ken

    Let’s not forget WS home field advantage is at stake! I wonder how much Garner cares about that this year.