The Reds need to release David Weathers immediately. He’s absolutely terrible, and has no business being on the Reds’ active roster.

I’m thoroughly disgusted with him. GM Wayne Krivsky needs to do what he’s done with others who haven’t performed — get rid of them.

Weathers is the new Danny Graves, as far as I’m concerned. He’s just awful, and I don’t think I can bear to watch him any longer. Six blown saves in less than half a season…sheesh.

And here’s a picture of Weathers after he stole Bronson Arroyo’s tenth win tonight:

They need to toss ole Danny G. Weathers on the trash heap before I re-institute my Danny Graves policy of the last couple of years.

9 Responses

  1. JinAZ

    I’m with JD — the guy has to be hurt. I say DL him, not DFA him. -j

  2. Philip

    David “Stormy” Weathers sucks. God back and look at the beginning of the year, I said. “David ‘stormy’ Weather sucks!” it still rings true. He has no right to be anywhere in baseball.

  3. Blue

    I don’t know what kind of changes Wayne K is going to make, but I doubt he’s the kind of GM that is going to be ripped off going after a relief pitcher. I’m hoping he can come up with one good reliever for a reasonable price, but I’m not getting my hopes up. However, since Castellinni said the Reds will be buyers, it has to make you wonder what we’ll be buying? Maybe a starter? Or maybe, I’m wrong.

    Anyway, I told you that so I can ask you this: can the Reds bullpen be fixed by using guys at AAA? Germano and Gosling are hot right now and are putting up decent K numbers as starters. They’ve both been in the big leagues this year, with Germano making a successful appearance. Perhaps if/when Hammonds and Weathers are DFA, Germano and Gosling could come up and take their place? Its worth a shot, I think.

  4. dfs

    He’s not terrible. He’s hurt. Think about the way the reds medical staff has been working the last few years. Think of how much Narron trusts his relievers not named Coffey, Hammond and Weathers. The dude is hurt and is trying ot “tough” it out.
    Hammond isn’t hurt so much as just overworked. Hopefully Narron is learning to use his other relievers and will understand the differences between high and low leverage situations.

  5. Mark T

    If Weathers is healthy, he gets it done, though he’s not Gossage. He needs to get up to speed, and the only way he can do that is to pitch. Krivsky says he works the phones every day, but relief pitchers are a valuable item these days – you can’t just go out and pick one up. I think we are pretty much looking at what it is – a long road ahead, many leads blown.

  6. nick

    I got home late last night and saw the score on ESPN News. When I saw that Weathers got the win my first thought was that he (or someone in the pen) blew the game, but the Reds were able to come back and win.

    Something needs to be done. If he’s hurt put him on the DL. Otherwise get rid of him.

  7. Glenn

    Don’t get me wrong Shackelford is an improvement over Hammonds, but he hasn’t been a world beater either. His ERA is over 7, but still in all he couldn’t do any worse than Hammonds has.
    Hammonds has quickly fallen from servicable bullpen type to batting practice pitcher. He’s one of the few Major league pitchers that the guy on the street really might be able to throw harder than.

  8. jeff

    I agree with Bill. I’m getting sick and tired of watching us blow leads because of HAMMONDS. We need to get rid of him. He wasn’t any good when he was with us the first time around–time hasn’t changed anything. Our starting pitching hasn’t been bad at all this year. Stats would be a hell of a lot better without HAMMONDS around.

  9. Mark T

    I think Hammond’s stuff just wasn’t good enough to fool them more than once. They waited on him. Nice guy, decent pitcher, time marches on.