From this AM’s Enquirer:

The Reds have revised their catching rotation.

The basic model will be Jason LaRue catches Aaron Harang, David Ross catches Bronson Arroyo and Javier Valentin catches Elizardo Ramirez – if the opposition is throwing a right-hander.

Who catches Joe Mays and Eric Milton is subject to change, but based on recent results, Ross probably will be the guy.

Sounds logical so far, right?

LaRue is unhappy with his situation.

“I expect to play every day,” he said. “I signed as a starter. Everyone knows Jason LaRue is a slow starter. It’s a long season. You’re going to have your ups and downs.”

So, it doesn’t matter that you’re not performing, or more specifically that you’re being out-performed by two other players, because you were signed to a big money contract, you should be given the bulk of the playing time.

No ego involved here.

Jason, get a clue.

6 Responses

  1. Jon

    I dont understand how he can perform siting on the bench. I know Ross is playing well, and should be playing based on the hot hand. But LaRue is a quality catcher, and should be given a little more of a chance.(Let the bashing begin) Just one mans opinion, and I dont care if everybody disagrees, I believe that he can be a very good starting catcher for us.

  2. Jon

    This is another reason the 3-catcher thing has to be done with.

  3. Chris

    I hope this doesn’t hurt the chemistry of the team. They’re so close to catching the Cards again. Unfortunately the Cards schedule has the Royals this weekend.

  4. Briank

    DA, was that a David Cross reference slipped in there, or am I misstaken?

  5. Glenn

    After all these years of losing, I’m for anything that turns this club into a winner. If a big contract catcher with a sub .200 batting average feels put out by that, I’m sorry.
    I’m sure he did sign that contract so that he could be the starter, but results that improve the team are what really count, not his personal viewpoint. LaRue has been in the bigs long enough to realize that.
    My advice would be to stop the carping, bear down, take some extra BP and turn your own fortunes around. David Ross is not Johnny Bench. He’s just playing better than LaRue is right now.

  6. al

    from what i can tell, the problem here isn’t Larue and it isn’t Ross, it’s Valentin. Before last year he had a career OPS of .643, which is bad.

    Now he’s at .585, which is worse, but not by as much as .882 is better. It’s time we and Kriv all recognize what last year was: a very fun aberation that we were all happy to see. Now let’s cut bait.

    If we just had Ross and Larue there wouldn’t be an issue, because most backup catchers start a few games/week. Who ever is hitting well gets more starts, like we did last year, and neither of them ride the pine for 9 games out of 10.