On Wednesday, Castellini announced that manager Jerry Narron received a two-year contract extension through the 2008 season, with a club option for 2009. General manager Wayne Krivsky’s option for 2008 was also picked up.

Terms of the deals were not immediately known.

Congratulations to Wayne Krivsky and Jerry Narron.

11 Responses

  1. Blue

    I would have rather seen them hold off on Narron until the season is over.

  2. orangeandbrown

    On Narron, I agree. This is how we felt about Dave Miley at one point. I have a nagging fear that Castellini will end up eating part of Narron’s deal.

  3. al

    i have to assume that Rcast thought that the best thing for the team was to give them a confidence booster, that’s the only reason i can come up with for doing this now, rather than at the end of a hopefully) winning season.

    He’s trying to say to the whole team, “you suck right now, but i know you’re better than this. I have so much faith that you’ll start playing well, ahem, like nowish, that i’m going to give contract extensions out, rather than saber rattling.”

    it’s flies and honey i think.

  4. Glenn

    I think Mr C is looking for some stability in Reds managment. With Krivsky, I have no hesitation. I have no big aurgument with Narron, he’s had a winning record in his 162 game career with the team, he’s just not been a ball of fire. I wonder what his winning percentage would be if the bullpen had preserved half of the games they blew after they came in with the lead. Maybe if Narron had some talent in that bullpen, we’d all be singing his praises.

  5. greg

    If the Reds had a decent bullpen, you could argue that they’d easily have five more victories, which would put them in first place. For THIS team to be in first place (or sniffing it) means that Narron is doing something right.

  6. Glenn

    Jim, after reading your comment, it got me thinking. I know its just a personal preference, but I like a low key manager. I like the type of manager that you don’t hear to much from or about. He just wins. Narron’s got a ways to go before I’ll be confindent that he’s got the “just wins” part down rock solid, but early indications are good.

  7. Ken

    Normally I don’t think a manager’s personality has much of an effect, but some teams need a high strung manager to light a fire under them (e.g., the Phillies, who’ve struggled this year under a low key manager). I don’t think the Reds are one of those teams. They can win with Narron, though I wouldn’t say it’d be because of him.

  8. al

    it seems to me that narron has done the one thing that managers have to do: gain the respect of their players. I’ve seen both the fiery types and the low keeps types fail at that, it seems like a situation by situation thing.

    Narron has it, the players abide by his choices, and that keeps the team going in a good direction. To me, with a manager, since baseball is so much the players game, if you get anything else out of the manager it’s gravy.

    I’ll be the first one to nitpick his lineups, pinch hitters, and bullpen use, but that stuff becomes a lot less important when the players want to play well for the team.

  9. Glenn

    If you all will remember back in the non too distant past, the Reds locker room seemed to always be in turmoil (remember the chairs ect…)I don’t know how much Narron has had to do with that, but things seem to have settled down a great deal in the last year or so. Let’s hope they stay that way.

  10. Glenn

    Chris, I agree, Miley will do a better job if he’s ever given a second chance to manage in the majors. He’ll learn from his mistakes. He just lost the clubhouse early and his attempts to regain control turned into the mikey mouse club. I’m sure he’ll never let that happen again.

  11. Philip

    I hate that they signed Narron.
    He is winning because of these men in uniform’s talent, not his abiltiy. And don’t give me the ‘ol he manages the players well. Whatever! He changes the line-up 5 x’s a week, and just seems lost to me. Krivsky yes, Narron, no way. We could have gotten better and should have. I am very dissappointed. I think that with a good manager we woukld have at least 5 more wins. (As a side note, with a better bullpen, we would be nearly undefeated)