Here’s a perfect example of why the Pirates are perennial losers — the team’s management really believes (and acts upon) drivel like this article.

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  1. al

    and what did craig wilson do to make everyone in the baseball establishment hate him? As far as i can tell he out plays casey in just about every way and he’s cheaper, but he’s not even a sidenote in that article and has been benched this whole season.

    If hatteberg hadn’t reall claimed first base this season, i’d have been screaming for kriv to try to get wilson, and it seems like some team is going to get a great deal on him within a month.

  2. Chad

    I really like what Hatteberg has done this season, but I’d give the 1B job to Wilson in a heartbeat. He’s getting the shaft.

  3. IrishJoe

    I really loved Sean Casey when he was with the Reds. Great guy, played hard, great clubhouse presence. But at the same time, I thought it was a good decision to let him go.

    A 32-year old first baseman who hits .300 with 15 HR’s and 90 RBI’s a year is not going to be the cornerstone of anyone’s franchise.

    I’m excited about what Hatteberg has done so far this year, and I’m excited about what a guy like Votto could do in the future at 1B.

  4. greg

    The Upper St. Clair product is having a disappointing season, by his standards, mostly because of a potentially devastating back injury that contributed mightily to Casey playing in just 33 of the Pirates’ first 75 games.

    But with his 32nd birthday fast approaching (July 2), Casey remains all ballplayer.

    There are so many things wrong with that statement (devastating back injury, for starters), it makes me wonder if said writer has ever seen winning baseball. And, hey, he’s ONLY 32! Why NOT sign him to a LTC?

  5. chicoruiz

    Wel, let me see…We have a horrible team in a small market; what better way to spend our limited resources than on a slow, 32-year-old first baseman with limited power and a bad back? After all, he’s “all baseball”…whatever that means. 🙄

  6. Glenn

    I like Casey too, but 32 is 32 and injuries are injuries. Big money, long term contracts are probably a thing of the past for the Mayor. If Casey were to ever come back to the Reds it would be at a much cheaper price.

  7. al

    yeah, i would have thought that casey was ready to join the ranks of joe randa, rich aurilia, hatty, and the like. Decent big leaguers that can be had for 1-2 mil per as place holders for prospects.

    If your team falls out of contention you deal them and bring the prospect up and get a few minor leaguers in return, and since teams like that usually need minor leaguers, and you cant just sign them, it seems like an effective formula.

    if the pirates are going to give him any thing more than that, they are fools.

  8. Glenn

    Don’t get me wrong. I think Casey is a quality player, its just that once you get into your thirties things start to happen. Most of them bad.
    If you are paying a guy 8 mil a year and he gets seriously injured it can crush the season. If its 1 to 2 million, its another thing all together.

    I was intrigued after K made mention that the Casey trade happened on OB’s watch. It sort of left me thinking that K was keeping the door open to a return of the mayor. I’m all for it but not at his current salary. Casey’s a cog in the wheel of a successful team. Apparently, the Pirates thought he was the guy you build the team around. Even in his best years, he was not that type of a player.

    Having said all that about Casey, I’d also like to say that I think Hatteberg is doing a terrific job. I believe he’s on a one year contract. If things continue on the same course the Reds need to think about resigning him. If that happens all the Casey talk is mute.

  9. greg

    There are probably five Hattebergs to be had, every single winter. See if he’ll re sign for mediocre money, if not, move on.