Okay, you’ve seen this on a couple of other Reds blogs, and finally, we’re ready to give away some DVD’s here at Redleg Nation, too. The delay was for a couple of reasons: we wanted to make sure we had three good contest ideas, and we didn’t want to run our contest at precisely the same time as the others.

Anyway, Redleg Nation will be giving away three brand new copies of the “1975 World Series Collector’s Editionseven-DVD set:

It’s an incredible set, and no Reds fan should be without it. I’ll have a detailed review up here at Redleg Nation as soon as I finish viewing it (I’m almost done, and it’s been fantastic so far).

Today begins Part One of the DVD Giveaway. We’re going to have three separate contests, run back to back, for the next three weeks. Today’s contest will run through next Friday, when we’ll name the first winner (and I’ll ship out the DVD set).

Part One will be a Caption Contest. Many of you are familiar with Caption Contests around the internet: a picture is posted, and people try to post the most clever or funny caption. Here is the picture we’ll be using:

Post your best caption. The RN editors will be selecting the winner based on several factors, including how much we laugh at the entry…and extra points are going to be awarded for entries that specifically reference the Reds and Reds history. Yes, that’s subjective, but them’s the rules of the road.

Full contest rules are beneath the fold, and it’s important to read them before you enter (so that your entry isn’t voided by violating a rule). Enjoy, and let’s see your captions!

The contest rules are fairly simple:

1) You have until midnight on June 30 to submit your best caption.
2) Entries must be made under this thread.
3) You may submit up to five entries per person, and anyone is welcome to participate.
4) Participants who fail to provide a valid email address are disqualified, as are those who make more than five entries.
5) Questions should be emailed to me.
6) The decision of the judges is final. Live with it.

Good luck!