Or so he says:

The second baseman gets to return to Jacobs Field with a successful and thriving career outlook, All-Star caliber credentials, and a key role on a contending club.

In other words, everything Phillips was supposed to be doing for the Indians.

Only, he has done it all with the Reds.

Phillips has kept his anticipation in check. If this weekend’s Interleague series vs. the Indians was circled on his calendar, he showed no indications.

“It’s just another team. I’m not really worried about Cleveland,” Phillips said before playing the Mets on Thursday. “I wish them the best and everything. I hope they’re doing the same toward me and wishing me the best. I’m sorry everything went the way it did. I’m with the Cincinnati Reds and trying to make this my new home.” …

“Whatever my performance was there, it was meant to be,” said Phillips, who has repeatedly owned up to his mistakes in Cleveland since leaving. “Now I’m going there [Friday], and whatever I do there is meant to be, too. If I do good, I do good. If I do bad, oh well. I’m still a Cincinnati Red. As long as we win over there, I’m straight. I just want to sweep them.”

Me too, Brandon.  Me too.

3 Responses

  1. Briank

    What a class act Phillips seems to be. The way he plays and the way he carries himself is remarkable for a player who starts out with such a troubled past.

    I was really struck during the second washington series when the discussion turned to Frank Robinson’s comments about this Brandon Phillips being a different person. The Reds and Krivsky may have just gotten one of the deals of the decade.
    Does anyone know what kind of contract the Reds now have w/phillips? Do they need to resign him? If so, I think he deserves a second (and hopefully a third) season, at least.

  2. Briank

    To clarify, when I say troubled past, I am only refering to his troubles as a prospect in Washington and Cleveland. I don’t know anything about his pre baseball life except that he comes from a very athletic family

  3. Tom

    Phillips fills a big need of the Reds at 2nd. base and he’s improving all the time. Plus he has a great smile!