Just when you thought the Reds were about to emerge from their funk….

3 Responses

  1. Glenn

    I’m hearing that there aren’t many quality relief pitchers available for trades right now. That’s probably true.
    When the Free Agent bullpen guys become available in the off season, the Reds better run to the head of the line because with few exceptions the current bullpen stinks.

  2. Tom

    It’s all on the shoulders of Joe Mays today. Oy vey! Fast heading for .500 or whereabouts.

  3. Ken

    Another reason to be excited about Esteban Yan, courtesy of Jayson Stark:

    What’s Esteban Yan’s new claim to fame? He’s the only guy in the DH era who has hit a home run as an American League pitcher (for the Devil Rays in 2000) and given up a home run to an AL pitcher (to Jon Garland, last Sunday).