This game up in the comments, but it probably deserves its own post. After reading something JD wrote over at Red Reporter, I realized something important about Krivsky. While we certainly debate a lot of his moves (Castro, Juan), and even get accused of bashing him, I realized that I have a lot of confidence in this GM’s ability to evaluate talent. It crossed my mind that I wouldn’t even mind too much if Krivsky traded Kearns or some other key player, becuase I’m confident the he could get actual value in return.

I sure couldn’t have said that about the last GM, or even Bowden. As GodlyCynic said in the comments, “The only time anyone’s really ever questioned the value of a Krivsky trade, it’s been a no-risk trade when the Reds have essentially given up nothing in return for nothing.”

We can carp about Castro, Yan, Kata, McCracken, Cody Ross, (and to be fair Dave Ross, Phillips and Arroyo), but Wily Mo Pena’s the only chip Krivsky’s played so far, and that’s turned out better than anyone could’ve imagined.

I’m finally comfortable that the Reds’ GM isn’t going to do something idiotic and ruin the franchise, and that shouldn’t get lost in all the noise about his middling moves. (I still want him to acquire 1-2 real relievers, though).

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  1. Glenn

    I’ll be pleasantly suprised if the Reds contend for the entire season. However, I’m convinced that with Mr C and Krivsky running the show, the team has turned the corner and the darkest of the days is behind us. I’m pretty upbeat about the future of baseball in Cincy.

  2. Jon

    Doesn’t everybody want him to acquire 1-2 real relievers as well?? If they get that, they should contend the whole year.

  3. Chad

    Agree. Level of comfort with Krivsky is much higher than with either of the previous inhabitants of that GM chair.

    And I don’t think that my comfort is due to lack of knowledge about the guy. Dan O’Brien made me nervous from day one.

  4. Briank

    Well said Chad. Even in the process of watching this team go through the tough spells that a frankenstien’s monster of a roster will produce. But there can be little doubt that this team would significantly worse if Dan O’Brien had been left in charge. The opening day roster would have look something like this.


    Three extremely rotation filling, and that is besides having Tony Wolmack completing the season at second.

    As was the case today, Phillips has been the run winning producer in at least 4 games. Bronson Arroyo has been…well, he’s been Bronson Arroyo.

    It is easy to compare the management of Krivskey vs. O’Brien, because Krivesky has largely left the same team in place except for a few seemingly minor, but impressive adjustments like taking a catcher no one thought was needed, as well as a PTBNL seconded base reject from Cleveland. He’s doing amazing things with this team now considering what he had to work with, and hopefully he can make a few more trades/free agent signings that can transition this franchise into a perennial contender without a great deal of pain. There was no chance that O’Brien could have achieved that, and Bowden appears to be not worth the trouble even if he had it in him.

  5. GodlyCynic

    In a rare note from a member of the national media, Steve Phillips said on the Mike & Mike Show this morning that the Reds will win the wild card because all they need are relievers and relievers are the easiest, cheapest people to trade for. The relievers will hit the market eventually; they always do.

  6. GodlyCynic

    They are not easy to develop. The problem with middle relievers is that most of them are only good for a couple of years. In some cases, they will be good for a year or two then terrible for a year or two only to bounce back again for a year or two. Because of this, I think more teams out of contention are willing to trade their 30+ year old middle relievers in exchange for anything.