Well, perhaps the first step has been taken in fixing the putrid Reds bullpen: Rick White has been designated for assignment. Now they need to get rid of Esteban Yan and Mike Burns, then Quinton McCracken and Juan Castro. Then we’d be on our way….

Good first step taken today, though.  Jason Standridge will be called up from Louisville; at least he has a chance to be decent.

3 Responses

  1. Glenn

    Of course I agree with sending White off to wherever else but the Reds’ roster, but I’ve got to wonder about how many chances Mike Burns is going to get. How bad do you have to be before they type up your release papers?

  2. Chad

    Chris, that’s a great point, and one I hadn’t considered fully. You couldn’t say that about the last two GMs we’ve had in Cincinnati; I didn’t trust either of them to get value in return.

    I may trust his judgment on some of these moves, but Krivsky’s no moron.

  3. GodlyCynic

    It is a very good point about Krivsky. The only time anyone’s really ever questioned the value of a Krivsky trade, it’s been a no-risk trade when the Reds have essentially given up nothing in return for nothing.