I just got back from tonight’s Chattanooga-Tennessee game in Sevierville, TN and I can now honestly say that 1B Joey Votto is my favorite Reds minor league player.

Matt reported that Votto went 3-5 with a double, HR, and 2 rbis in Thursday’s game. Well he topped himself tonight. He went 3-5 yet again with a double, HR, single, and 4 rbis! I have had the privilege of watching the Lookouts twice this season and Votto has homered in both of those games. Not only did he homer, but he hit two blasts to right-centerfield. The one he hit tonight I estimated at going at least 430. Smokies Park has a fence beyond their outfield fence that is at least 30 feet behind the field fence. His HR tonight one-hopped the 2nd fence before bouncing over. He was also 6 inches away from two homers tonight that would’ve changed the double to a homer.

Other than Votto, I watched Eddy Valdez pitch a gym. I’ll have his line in the morning when I update the DOTF report. But he went 6 innings for sure, allowing just 2 hits. One of the hits was questionable as Votto bobbled a hit in the hole that I ruled as an error. The 2nd hit was down the 3rd base line that I thought Herr could’ve made a better effort at.

Alvarado also pitched well in relief. He struck out 4 I believe over 2 innings. Both Alvarado and Valdez hit 90s a couple of times on the gun and seemed to really have the Smokies off balance. On the downside, the Smokies offense looked really weak. Numerous batters were posted as hitting below .250 on the season.

I’ll have the DOTF report in the morning with the lines from the game. The report will be later in the a.m. due to the time of my return home!

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  1. JinAZ

    So nice to see Votto having a good season this year. I was starting to give up on him. -j