I’m not sure how I missed this product coming out, but A&E Home Video released a (7 DVD!!!) 1975 World Series box set this week. The set has the full network broadcasts of each game, plus a lot of extra interviews, etc. Looks like a great product.

JD at Red Reporter is running a contest to give away three copies of the box set. He will also be reviewing the DVDs, presumably once he frees up 1033 minutes to watch the full set. JD’s contests look like a lot of fun, and I’ll certainly be following the entries. Be sure to check them out.

Since RedlegNation (to my knowledge) did not receive any freebies from A&E, Even though A&E was cool enough to send us three giveaways, plus a review copy, I’m going to link to the cheapest price for anyone who doesn’t win Red Reporter’s one of the contests.  (Dont’ feel bad, A&E is the publisher, so they’ll make money from all purchases.

Deep Discount DVD has a list price of $41.97, including free shipping. I found this through the essential dvdpricesearch.com, which tuned me in to another 20% off: Just enter the promo code “PRICESEARCH” at checkout, and you get another 20% off. I just paid $ 33.57, total.

UPDATE (by Chad): Ummm, actually we did receive some freebies. Check your email, Chris. 🙂

We’ll be running a promotion/giveaway/contest very soon. Stay tuned for your opportunity to win one of three DVD boxed sets right here at Redleg Nation.

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  1. Matt

    FINALLY I found a Father’s Day gift….too bad the earliest I can get it is Monday.