The Screaming Mimes have posted a video for their Reds-themed song “Three Cheers, Cincinnati,” from the Cincinnati Clutch Hits cd.  It’s footage from the band’s GABP concert, mixed in with some very cool Reds footage, a lot of which I’ve never seen before.

Maybe Adam Dunn should watch this video to learn who Eric Davis is.  I love Dunn, but that one wasn’t funny.

5 Responses

  1. Joel

    I said this over at Red Reporter, but I think it’s useful to re-post here because I think Dunn is being misunderstood:

    Could it be that Dunn’s comment was really meant to be: I was just trying to figure out which Davis said that? The online headline for the article was “Davis: Move would help Junior” and I imagine the paper’s headline was the same (can anyone confirm). Davis is a fairly common name. I think what Dunn was trying to say, “I don’t agree and the only reason I was reading the article was to find out which Davis said it.” I doubt that he doesn’t know who Eric Davis is. I mean, he wears the same number, somebody has to have brought his name up to him before, at least.

  2. Chad

    You know, Joel, that’s a reasonable explanation. Makes sense.

  3. Cary

    I think it was an intentional cheap shot. Dunn and Griffey are tight and Adam can be quite the smart alec when he wants to be. I’ve never seen one person get the benefit of the doubt about everything like Dunn.

  4. LC Fiore

    Personally, I think the reporter who wrote the story needs to brush up on their history. Davis might be ‘one of the better’ centerfielders to ever play for the Reds, but he is certainly not ‘perhaps the greatest’.

    Edd Roush, anyone? Cy Semour? Vada Pinson?