Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein issued his NL draft notebook (no report cards here). today.

On Drew Stubbs: Even if he doesn’t improve the strikeouts, “he’s still a Mike Cameron-esque center fielder with power, speed and ridiculous defensive skills.”

If the bat does take a step forward, he’s the best position player in this draft.

On #2 Sean Watson: “The Reds will have the same decision Tennessee’s coaching staff had, as he was equally effective as a starter and reliever.

On #3 Chris Valaiki: A surprise as a third-rounder, but “one of those grinders with enough tools to get there.”

On #4 Justin Reed: “Does many things well, but few things outstandingly, which is better than having a player with a few weaknesses.”

On #5 Josh Ravin: “Another one of those tall California kids who throws hard. It seems like everybody takes one in the first five rounds.”

Goldstein deemed 10th-rounder Josh Roenicke (UCLA pitcher) the best later-round pick. As I suspected, he’s the son of Gary Roenicke. Josh just started pitching this year, but throws in the mid 90s, “has a surprisingly effective slider, and actually moved into the closer role for the Bruins during the season.”

3 Responses

  1. Brian B.

    If Josh is Gary’s son, does that make him Ron Roenicke’s nephew?

  2. Blue

    I would have expected him to say that Derrik Lutz was the best later round pick. He’s a couple years younger, he’s more polished, and from what I’ve read he has two good pitches, a mid-90s heater and a good slider.

    My guess is Watson stays a reliever. Late inning power arms is a weakness on the big league club, and he could move fast in that role.

    Encouraging assessment of Stubbs. I like the pick more and more everyday.

  3. Pinski

    Marc has a list of players the Reds have signed already. Looks like they convinced Reed to focus on baseball.