The Reds roll on.  They’re now in first place by themselves.

Life is good.

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  1. Mark T

    Baseball is a streaky game – when you’re winning, things just go right, as Freel last night getting caught stealing but being called safe. Hits come in bunches, opposing batters pop up fat pitches and hanging curves. When you’re up, it seems like you’ll never be down again.

    When you’re down, hits are sporadic, calls go against you, excellent pitching performances go unrewarded, opposing teams make marvelous fielding plays. When you’re down, it seems like you’ll never be up again.

    So enjoy! It’s fun being up, and when we’re down again, I’ll remembe 85-95 games. Every down period has its opposite number, and the game is aabout slim margins of victory. In the end, it’s about winning just a few more than you lose.