Tuesday’s San Diego Union-Tribune had a draft preview piece that was the mirror image of every Reds draft preview piece from the last 15 years. The premise: “Why can’t this team draft and develop any hitters?”

The last Padres-drafted hitter to hit 20 HRs for the Padres was John Kruk in 1987. The author illustrated the Padres’ futility by looking at how many other 20-HR players and seasons other NL clubs had in the same timeframe.

The Reds ranked 2nd (behind the Braves), with 8 Reds-drafted players combining for 18 seasons of 20+ HRs for the Reds from 1988-2005. How many can you name? (One of them is really tough.)

Answers following the jump.

1. Eric Davis (88-90, 96)
2. Chris Sabo (90-91, 93)
3. Paul O’Neill (91)
4. Barry Larkin (91, 96)
5. Reggie Sanders (93, 95)
6. Ed Taubensee (99) (Drafted and developed by the Reds, but played his first 3+ seasons elsewhere)
7. Aaron Boone (02)
8. Adam Dunn (02-05) (And almost 2006).