I was afraid of this.  Let’s hope that Mays has figured out in the last week why he’s been such a crappy pitcher for the last few years.  Because he’s a Cincinnati Red now.

(One point:  it’s not that I mind Germano being sent back to AAA.  I’d rather him get some work at Louisville.  I just don’t want my favorite team to waste outs on a has-been or never-was pitcher.  I hope I’m wrong about Mays, but this move by Krivsky smacks of some scrap-heap acquisition by Jimmy Bowden.  Think Steve Avery.)

But hey, what about that big comeback win tonight!

4 Responses

  1. Blue

    Well… maybe they want him to go down and get back into the rotation. If he has a few good games, maybe he can replace Claussen? The only thing is, he looked good in his 1 inning up here, and I was hoping to see if he could succeed as a reliever because of the 20+ mph separation between his fastball and breaking ball.

    Krivsky needs to come up with a reliever or two so that when Narron decides to use our worst pitcher in a close, important game, the chances of it being Rick White bad are drastically reduced. Maybe when Belisle comes off the DL he can replace White, then we can either go to a 6 man bullpen or pick up someone else and drop Mays.

  2. Glenn

    Joe Mays? I’m just scratching my head.

  3. Cito

    “I just don’t want my favorite team to waste outs on a has-been or never-was pitcher.”

    Chad, you’re assuming Mays is going to get batters out.

  4. Mark T

    I think it all speaks to the market for pitchers – there isn’t much out there. Krivsky is doing his best, taking chances on long shots. I commend his for that. In the meantime, starting pitching has improved dramatically, so that we are in most games we play. That takes some pressure off the bullpin, and allows WK the leeway to tinker, whihc is all he is doing.

    Rick White has got to go, though.