Stubbs started the year as the consensus top college hitter.  He dropped.  His defense is unquestioned, and is supposedly big league ready right now.  He’s a fast, “5-tool guy,” with questions about his hitting.  Strikeout prone.

2006 line:  .342  .439  .580    Good, but not dominant.

 Kevin Goldstein of Prospectus had this to say a few weeks ago:

“a dynamic athlete and a fantastic outfielder, but he’s yet to convince some evaluators that he can make consistent contact at the major league level, as he’s recorded 167 whiffs in 629 college at-bats. However, with plus or better tools across the board, he may have a ceiling higher than any player in the draft.”

Goldstein quoted one scout as saying Stubbs is “one of the best 10 center fielders in baseball right now, at any level.”

Another scout reportedly told Baseball America, “Stubbs can’t hit. He never could hit, and he never will hit.”


13 Responses

  1. al

    i would have prefered a one tool player, if they could have gotten someone with the pitching tool.

    Tim Lincecum went 10th, i would have been happier with him.

  2. Chad

    Yeah, this one concerns me. Lincecum is the guy I wanted. They say he throws high-90s.

  3. Chad

    Just watched some video of the guy over at He’s certainly athletic. Consider my fingers crossed.

  4. Matt

    I would say from his numbers that Scout they quoted is a moron.

  5. Matt

    WTF, are all these doofus’ talking about. Not a “pure” powerhitter. Why cause isn’t fat? The dude led his team two years in a row in HR. He has HIT over .300 all three years at Texas. He walks.

    Oh wait. He strikes out. Don’t listen to the scouts or especially Lance.

  6. Matt

    BTW, “make contact” is a Scouts buzzword for he doesn’t ground out enough.

  7. Matt

    True, but he obviously knows the strikezone…he walked nearly 20% of his PAs. I am not sure I buy your argument, but I can live with this guy.

    The next two picks were horrid though

  8. Matt

    I would rather compare him to his teammates than someone who slugged .943 for Douche Bag State.

  9. Matt

    Or atleast to the other guys in his conference.

  10. Matt

    With College stats you also have to take into account who they are playing. UT probably plays a little better competition than say Pigknuckle State.

  11. Chad

    Actually, after looking at his stats and considering his competition, I’m starting to like this pick. At least it’s defensible…and not for the reasons that the scouts say.

  12. GodlyCynic

    I look at it this way. If he strikes out a lot but shows capable power and speed with a fantastic glove, there are worse things than to draft a more well-rounded Mike Cameron to be the heir-apparent in centerfield for a decade.

  13. Chad

    Yeah, it’s surprising, considering he just finished a major college, 4-year career in the Big 12. Don’t know why he wouldn’t be in A ball to start out.

    Perhaps they want him in rookie ball to get used to the wooden bat before moving him up in competition.