calls him “inconsistent,” but says he has 4 effective pitches, including a knuckle-curve.  The video shows him throwing a 92-ish fastball.

 Watson had 4.61 ERA in 41 IP.  42 Hits, 7 HR, 47 strikeouts and 17 walks.  11 saves, if that matters to you.  Second team all-SEC.

 I didn’t see much to be impressed about, but I only watched 60 sec. of video and looked at the stats.



6 Responses

  1. Matt

    WTF…a closer with only 47Ks in 41 IP?

  2. al

    maybe they’ll be able to convert him to a starter. 4 legit pitches, mid ninties heat, and a good curve.

  3. Blue

    He started 20 games between his Freshman and Sophomore years. Not sure if they’ll want to take the time for the experiment though, John Manuel says he could move quickly. Interesting pick.

  4. Chad

    Was Buckley the best brain on the board when he was hired?

  5. Anonymous

    Sean Watson is my cousin. He’s terribly inconsistent. Very temperamental, let’s bad starts get to him, he’s not very bright either. Your best bet is if he’s moved back to starter, which he played in high school. If his pitches are working, he’s working. If not, hope he never sports a Reds’ jersey.