John Fay has an excellent article about the draft, and the Reds new philosophy under owner Bob Castellini and GM Wayne Krivsky:

That the Reds are even considering him is more evidence that the club has changed the way it does business under CEO Bob Castellini and general manager Wayne Krivsky.

The Reds shied away from Boras clients in recent years. Signability ran alongside talent when rating the draft.

The philosophy now?

“We’re going for the best guy,” Buckley said.

Signability remains a factor. But the Reds aren’t dismissing players simply because they are clients of Boras.

What a refreshing new attitude. Goodness, you can just feel that things are different around this organization. Bob Castellini has embarked on the path of becoming a Cincinnati legend.

BA has the Reds taking Brandon Morrow, a junior right-hander from Cal. The magazine speculates the Reds would draft Drew Stubbs, a University of Texas outfielder, if he’s still on the board.

Buckley acknowledges the Reds have interest in both.

“The thing about picking eighth is you can’t be sure what’s going to happen above you,” he said. “It’s not like picking third or fourth.”

Buckley came to the Reds from the Toronto Blue Jays. Expect a mix of college and high school players to be picked.

“A guy I worked for in Toronto used to say it’s like an investment portfolio,” Buckley said. “You want a mix of stocks and bonds. If you go too heavily one way, you get in trouble.”

So the question is, will the Reds go for a big investment up front in hopes of a quick return?

We’ll find out Tuesday.

Yes, we will. And I can’t wait. I’m more anxious to see the results of this draft than in any draft in recent memory.

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  1. Blue

    Yeah, the only way you can get someone’s pick is if they sign your free agent.