Kudos to Bob Castellini and the Reds for this:

Blevins explains his goal: For 18 once-downtrodden inner-city baseball diamonds, he wants to find clay far superior to the dirt that contained the rocks on the table.

Blevins’ inspiration comes from the men sitting across the table, who control $130,000 that the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund is supplying to restore the fields.

The money is giving 1,300 kids ages 5-15 on 85 inner-city teams safer, more enjoyable and better-looking fields that can be used more frequently.

Reds owner Bob Castellini has pushed for the organization to be more community-oriented, which is why the nonprofit arm of the Reds initially donated $15,000 this spring, enabling the commission to get unsightly fields ready for play in April.

I continue to be impressed with Bob Castellini.  I hope he is the Reds owner for many years to come.