I agree with this article: MLB’s blackout policy is ridiculous.

I live six and a half hours from RFK Stadium, yet Washington Nationals games are blacked out for me. Not that it matters much to me; I live much closer to Cincinnati, and Reds games are not blacked out. It’s only irritating when Cincinnati is playing the Nationals.

Frankly, where I live, there should be no blackouts. I’m far enough from any major league park that I can’t just decide to take in a game after work. I should be able to watch them on television if I am going to pay for the Extra Innings package.

4 Responses

  1. Jon

    I agree. I live in Buffalo, NY and ordered the Extra Innings Package just for the Reds. Since we get the Yankees and Mets TV Networks, I can understand that those games are blacked out for me. But, Pittsburgh and Cleveland are both blaked out for me. Pittsburgh is 4 hours away, and Cleveland about 3 hours away. A long way to just decide to go to a game. But, Toronto being only 90 miles away never gets blacked out. I really wish MLB would look over the blackout policies.

  2. David Pinto

    I’m surprised by this. I’ve had MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV for years, and the only games that are blacked out are Red Sox games shown by the other team’s station (I live in MA). But you can always see the Sox on NESN.

    My problem right now is that DirecTV only carries one high def broadcast at most.

  3. Mark T

    We are blacked out on all Mariner games, which is only irritating because of the number of times they play the Angles, A’s and Rangers. Other than that, they are keeping me from seeing something I don’t care about.

  4. Simone C.

    We live in Baltimore and are blacked out of many Red Sox games. We are told by DirecTV that the only possible explanation is that we are in Boston’s “home territory.” According to Mapquest, we are 407 miles from Boston. How is this fair?!