In his blog entry from last night:

Bob Castellini was at the game, having flown in this afternoon, and he did not look real pleased when John Fay and I encountered him walking through the stands on our way to the clubhouse. Also, Wayne Krivsky was reportedly on the phone to Jerry Narron shortly after the game ended.

All that said, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if there are multiple moves made Wednesday. I don’t think it’ll measure up to the San Juan massacre of April ’03, which saw the legendary Jimmy Anderson and Josias Manzanillo DFA’d and Brandon Larson optioned out, but it just feels like something bigger than simply optioning out Shackelford, for instance, needs to be done

So far, Shackelford is the only move made. We’ll see if there are more.

2 Responses

  1. The Mad Hatter

    Honestly in my opinion the 3 headed catcher situation has to be addressed. Move LaRue for a Double A long reliever I don’t care. Ross can hold his own and then maybe Valentin can get a few at bats. LaRue hasn’t shown he can hit anything but a mistake fastball and for his reputation defensively he doesn’t handle a pitching staff very well. Look at who Arroyo wants calling his games.

  2. Glenn

    Larue is not hitting worth a damm right now. Defensively, he’s as good as ever, but I agree moving him would accomplish two things: Saving money that might be best used in the bullpen and two, Getting Valentin some more playing time.
    I just have one hessitation in endorseing a LaRue trade. Any money saved has to be used to buy some bullpen help. The Reds are going to burn up Coffey if reliable help doesn’t show up out there.