By Brian over at Baseball Minutia:

The mammoth bone I’m holding in my hands today is one that doesn’t get looked at often, if the skull of a mammoth was found in the dirt it could be seen as the equal to all the batting records in baseball history. The shape and the structure of the massive visage put a face on the beast, as the rate stats and counting stats do to a season and a career.

My bone is a much simpler piece, it’s not often examined, but it’s a major support piece that holds the game up.

Today’s bone is Fielding Assists for pitchers, a somewhat useless statistic, one that you won’t find in the Sunday paper or on the back of a baseball card. But nonetheless an interesting stat.

It’s not really “Reds related”, but as usual with Brian’s stuff, you’ll learn something about baseball or you’ll consider something you’ve probably never thought about before.