I wanted to point out something that JinAZ said about Edwin Encarnacion that bears repeating:

I won’t apologize for his errors, but the kid has a great future defensively. A few years from now, we’ll be singing his defensive praises.

Read the entire post, as JinAZ makes a lot of sense (as usual). Yes, Encarnacion has had some errors, but he’s also made some outstanding defensive plays this season. That’s what young players do. They’re inconsistent.

But everyone associated with the Reds says that Encarnacion is the first player on the field to work on defense, and that EdE’s work ethic is great. He’s only 23 years old! To say that the Reds should move him to 1B — as some people have suggested — is among the most foolish things ever said in the comments section here at RN.

Encarnacion will be an all-star third baseman. No question about it. People need to be patient.

4 Responses

  1. Blue

    I also think he’ll be a good defender. He won’t win any gold gloves, but he’ll be solid.

  2. chicoruiz

    Just a note: According to the site’s “big board”, EE is not only younger than the third basemen at Louisville and Chattanooga, he’s younger than the third basemen at Sarasota and Dayton as well! Give the kid some time; he’ll get there.

  3. al

    marty was talking about moving EdE to first yesterday during the game, which surprised me. I know he’s an “old school” guy, but i would have thought that over the course of a 3 decade broadcasting career in the bigs he would have seen enough rookies to understand the phenomenon.

    Barry larkin made a bunch of errors through his first 200 games or so, anyone remember if mart was calling for him to shipped to the AL to DH, i was a little young to be critiquing the reds on radio at the time.

  4. Glenn

    If he could only control those throws.