— Sister Daedalus may have finally figured out a way that the Reds can stop Albert Pujols. My fingers are crossed that this will work.

— Robert Manuel, the pitcher we picked up in the Dave Williams deal, made his 2006 debut last night for the Dayton Dragons. Daryl has the specifics.

If Manuel ever sees a single day in the major leagues, I’ll be surprised…but I certainly hope he does. The Reds will always be in need of good relief pitching.

The best thing I’ve ever seen over at Red Reporter: the “Cubs Really Suck” thread. They just signed Tony Womack, so I’d say things are about to get much worse for the Fuzzy Cubbies.

— At the Bad Boy Blog, Reds announcer Steve Stewart (who is rapidly growing on me, by the way) took some pictures from his vantage point in the press box at GAB. Finally, I know what Dave “Yiddy” Armbruster and Bill “Seg” Dennison look like.

Keep those pics coming, Bad Boy. It’s the best part of the blog, as far as I’m concerned.

3 Responses

  1. Bill Hansing

    Actually, I think Steve Stewart is really coming on and improving his whole “game” so to speak. He is doing a much better job or color commentary — and his blog is something that he could just as easily choose to just not do at all. But I have found that he is giving us entertaining (albeit) surface level insights into the Reds.

  2. al

    i’m a huge bad boy fan, the guy is a comic genius. His style is too subtle for people i think, that’s where he gets into trouble, but i’ll take it all day long. he needs to quicken his pace on play by play (marty’s got it down to a science) but that will come.

    As for Manuel, i’d like to see a quick promotion to AA when one of their relievers comes up to AAA. Why not? that’s the level he should be at for his age, and maybe it’ll push him and he’ll evelop into something. If he burns out he wouldn’t have done anything unexpected.

  3. brian

    Maybe its just me, but I’m not a fan of Steve Stewart. I couldn’t care less about a blog that he might have. It dosn’t improve his delievery one bit.

    His delivery is just too sterile. I bet if they made a bobble head of him, the head wouldn’t even move.