Kent Mercker has returned from the disabled list, and Cody Ross has been sent packing to the Marlins in exchange for a player to be named later.

Kent, we’re glad to have you back. The bullpen needs you.

Cody, we barely knew ya’.

So who will be the player to be named later?

“Some Willis guy, I’m not sure,” Ross joked.

Dare to dream.

3 Responses

  1. Tom

    So glad Kent is back! Just gave up a three run homer to the D’Backs for a 7-0 deficit. A repeat of the Phillies series of a couple of weeks ago with decent starting pitching but not able to get the man in from second. We need an RBI guy like Tony Perez. Whose going to fill that role? Driving in guys in scoring position wins games; not relying on homeruns.

  2. Bill Hansing

    It does seem that we have gone from an explosive, multi-dimensional offensive jaugernaut to a club that sits back and relies on a three run homer to happen.