I love this idea:

I’m becoming more and more convinced that every professional sports team needs to hire a Vice President of Common Sense, someone who cracks the inner circle of the decision-making process along with the GM, assistant GM, head scout, head coach, owner and whomever else. One catch: the VP of CS doesn’t attend meetings, scout prospects, watch any film or listen to any inside information or opinions; he lives the life of a common fan. They just bring him in when they’re ready to make a big decision, lay everything out and wait for his unbiased reaction.

If you don’t read Bill Simmons regularly, you should.

2 Responses

  1. Cary

    The VP of CS has also spoken about our outfield play:

    “Move Griffey and his 90 year-old legs to left already. With his glove and arm, he’ll be an above average CFer. Dunn will also become at least an average, and perhaps an above average 1bman once they put give him some game reps there. McCracken and White are begging us to bring up Ross and Denorfia for the good of the team.”

  2. Cary

    I meant LFer in the above post, not CFer.