To make room for Eric Milton on the roster, it appears that the Reds have designated Dave Williams for assignment.

Williams still has minor league options, so we’ll be seeing him in Louisville soon, I imagine.

I hope we will see the results of an MRI on Williams soon, as well. I can’t help but believe that something’s wrong with the kid’s arm. He was a league-average pitcher last year at age 26. Those types of pitchers don’t just fall off the face of the earth without some explanation. If the Reds haven’t given him an MRI yet, they’re crazy.

4 Responses

  1. ratatosk

    By DFA’ing him, he’s off the 40-man, but I think they have 10 days to decide what to do with him. They could put him back on the 40-man (obviously else would have to be removed), they could use an option and send him to the minors, they could trade him, or they could outright release him.

  2. orangeandbrown

    I’m shocked that this happened. Not that he was getting it done, but I can’t believe he’s dropped to having no value that quickly. That’s the Sean Casey trade right there.

  3. orangeandbrown

    According to Marc Lancaster he does have an option left, and the DFA might be to make him more valuable to another team in a trade (like the Mets).

  4. The Mad Hatter

    I gotta agree with Chad, after he returned from shoulder surgery with the Pirates he was throwing low 90’s-high 80’s and now from all reports he’s in the low 80’s with his fastball and in the 60’s with his curve, christ that gives me a chance to hit him. His whole career was not giving a lot of hits, his whip was higher because he walked to many people. Now I can’t believe there isn’t something wrong with his arm he isn’t this bad.