Since I’m in no mood to discuss the travesty that happened in Michigan tonight, I’ll leave you with this comment from DevilsAdvocate:

Well, if I ever see Weathers come into a game with a 1-run lead again, I will turn it off, drive 14 hours to Cincinnati, and lead a full-scale revolt down Pete Rose Way. Who’s with me?

Count me in.

5 Responses

  1. Philip

    Hey, I know I said I wouldn’t…but I must!!
    What is wrong with Jerry Narron!! For the 1,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo time…David Weathers sucks, he has always sucks, and I not only will drive with you for the revolt I will personally pummel the manager while flogging David Weathers.

    I just don’t get it. I love Todd Coffee as a closer, and at this point I will personal hunt down and sign Dave Dravecky!! My mom could be a better closer than Weathers!

    I have so much faith in this team, but not with Narron managing and definitely not with David Weathers as our closer…er….opener of the floodgates of the other teams offense!!!

  2. Blue

    Media reports will blame defense for this loss, but Milton and Weathers had equally poor performances. There never should have been a 10th inning for the breakdowns to happen.

  3. Mark T

    In fairness to Weathers, he has never talked himself up as a closer, and only does as asked by his manager. He says his stuff is at best “mediocre.” Narron is the problem here, not Weathers.

  4. Glenn

    I think K needs to go out and find a closer. Coffey’s having a heck of a year, but he’d be my second option if a closer can’t be found. My rational is that if we move Coffey to closer, than we have to fill the void Coffey leaves in his current position. I have almost no faith in Weathers. I’m not sure that he can sucessfully jump back into the middle relief role.

  5. Philip

    I have zero confidence in Narron or Weathers…both horrible…both need to be gone!!