The Reds official site is reporting that Eric Milton is set to return Saturday and will start against the Tigers.

Before rain prematurely ended Monday’s exhibition game against Pittsburgh, Milton got in just 30 pitches during two scoreless innings in a final test for his surgically repaired left knee. The club decided that he didn’t need to go on a rehabilitation assignment.

I guess the club is basing their decision on the fact that Milton hasn’t thrown 2 scoreless innings in his tenure with the Reds and figure they’ll try to cash in on his hot streak!

Milton’s impending return has pushed right-hander Elizardo Ramirez out of the rotation. The likeliest candidate headed back to Triple-A Louisville when the Milton roster move is made on Saturday, Ramirez will be available from the bullpen this week. He could be a spot starter if another pitcher goes down.

I would honestly like to see Ramirez stick around and throw some out of the bullpen if there is a way to manage this with the roster. His 3.13 ERA in 4 starts looks better coming out of the pen opposed to what we are currently throwing now!

3 Responses

  1. Cary

    I’m not sure what they expect from Belisle when he goes out and gives that strong performance and then they don’t use him for two weeks, while finding innings for Rick White. Tell me who might actually be able to help the Reds down the road, White or Belisle?

  2. Glenn

    I think that Belisle’s future is in the bullpen. At the same time, I think Rick White’s future ought to be in car sales.

  3. Blue

    Sending Ramirez down sends an awful message. Even if you pitch well, it doesn’t matter if you still have options. I see no reason why Dave Williams or Claussen should get starts over him.