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Charlotte 4, Louisville 2

23 year-old Ryan Wagner finally pitched good!! Ryan tossed two hitless, scoreless innings. His ERA plummeted to 7.50 for the year. He struck out one.


Carolina 3, Chattanooga 2

Former 1st round pick (by Boston in 2000) Phil Dumatrait turned in his second good outing in a row. Phil pitched 5 innings giving up only 3 H, 1 BB, and an ER and recorded 5 Ks. Dumatrait, who missed all of 2004, has a 3.09 ERA with 35 ks in 35 innings.


Daytona 13, Sarasota 2

One of the “DOTF” favorites, 22 year-old Sam LeCure was knocked around for 4 ugly innings. He gave up 5 ER, 6 H, and 2 BB. His ERA jumped to 4.19 for the season. LeCure, a 4th round pick last year, has 41 strikeouts in 45 innings.


Dayton 7, Wisconsin 2 Game 1

19 year-old, Travis Wood, tossed a gem in game one. Wood, the Reds 2nd round pick last year, gave up only 2 H, a BB, and an ER, while striking out 6. For the season his ERA sits at 4.26 with 43 Ks in 36 IP. Not to shabby for a teenager.

Dayton 6, Wisconsin 0 Game 2

22 year-old Jeffrey Stevens, the Reds 6th round pick last year pitched 5.2 solid innings giving up 5 H, a BB, and striking out 5. He lowered his ERA to 4.34 for the year, he has 29 Ks in 29 IP with 7 BB.

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    Great site for the state of Florida’s most fanatical Reds fan!!

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    Regular reader – must keep my real name private due to parparazzi, restraining orders and the like.

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