From Lance McAlister’s blog:

Per Scott Springer, 700 WLW
Ted Power is going to AAA Louisville as pitching coach for the duration of the year as Mario Soto’s going home. Ted moved to Sarasota in the off-season and has been the Reds minor league pitching re-hab co-ordinator working with guys coming off of injuries.

I believe Power was the pitching coach at Dayton a couple of years ago.

4 Responses

  1. Bill Hansing

    I’m sure there’s a story here — but we may not ever hear it.

  2. Brian B.

    No one knew anything about Soto’s ability to coach. Yet everyone kept saying he was good for the organization. You don’t know that he had a good influence on anyone.

  3. Glenn

    I heard Marty say that from the very first, it was known that Soto would not be available for the entire season due to business obligations back home.

  4. Bill Hansing

    Soto did a good job with a number of guys. I was pleasantly surprised down in Sarasota to see him so often (every day) and he was really engaged with guys.