We’ll be following the MLB Draft fairly closely this summer here at Redleg Nation, and I thought it was interesting to note that MLB.com has their Draft Central coverage up and running. Lots of good stuff there.

The Reds have the 8th pick, and I’m intrigued by the possibilities. Right now, MLB.com projects the Reds taking Drew Stubbs, an outfielder with the University of Texas:

Stubbs was the top college position player heading into this season, but his inconsistency has some scouts scratching their heads. He can hit — he’s got a .338 average, 11 homers, 47 RBIs and a 1.044 OPS — when he makes contact. But that’s the thing. He’s whiffed 51 times in 51 games for the Longhorns. But the Reds love his power-speed combination (he’s got 20 steals) and won’t let him get past them here, though they’d consider (Brad) Lincoln (RHP, University of Houston) if he slid this far. And there’s one surprising high schooler (Bill Rowell, 3B, Bishop Eustace Prep, Pennsauken, N.J.) who could sneak in here, but my guess is he goes next…

I’m also anxious to see what this year’s draft says about our new administration, and what Krivsky values.

4 Responses

  1. JinAZ

    Given the very weak stock of college and high school hitters, I’d be surprised if the Reds don’t target a college pitcher, which are at least an average class (the draft is pretty weak overall). Lincoln is a name I’ve seen a lot of, but there are ~6-7 very solid college pitchers out there that I’d take prior to getting another outfielder in the system. -jinaz

  2. Blue

    If Hochevar doesn’t sign, where might he be drafted? Also, I wouldn’t have a problem with the Reds picking a non-pitcher, but I hope they stay away from Stubbs. All of those strikeouts on the college level make me think he won’t adjust well to pro-level pitching.

  3. David Ramirez

    With all the Quality Prospects out there and all the buzz about who is going to be the first pick,that prospects are weak this year where are the scouts really looking I can show at least ten sound prospects that are being over lokked and at least 2of them
    can be signed in the first round.they want big names with small bats.when they really get back to real baseball let me know until then the stock across the board will be weak. they need to go to those small little places where old fashioned baseball is still being played.

  4. Jay

    Hey, what’s the 2006 MLB draft date?